Health Committee Description & Mission

Chihuahua Health Related Issues

Cathleen Cogan Bird 2011-2012 Chair


Stacy Amirov

Vicki Bisard

Sherri Chavez

Karin Daehn

Christie Foulk

Megan Gardner

Micki Giroux

Myrle Hale

Cherry Parker

Sheri Rohm

Carla Soto

Committee Description

Chihuahua Club Of America members, breeders, owners, and exhibitors that work together to further the Mission statement and that also attend the National Specialty in Chicago each year to participate in workshops and clinics.
The mission of the Chihuahua Health Related Issues Committee is to help Chihuahuas live longer and healthier lives by identifying health issues, recommending participation in research studies, and promoting education to improve the health of our dogs.
  1. Identify health issues particular to Chihuahuas by working with Chihuahua owners and breeders.
  2. Research and identify grants particular to Chihuahuas through the AKC/Canine Health Foundation, and other researchers meeting our criteria, which:
    1. Meet the highest scientific and educational standards.
    2. Have the greatest potential for advancing the health of the Chihuahua.
    3. Have expectations for producing materials and applications that are reasonable and affordable for breeders and owners.
  3. Educate the fancy on health concerns particular to Chihuahuas through written materials and health clinics.
  4. To provide updates on results of such research available to CCA and other Chihuahua Fanciers
  5. Provide education on genetics and foster a greater understanding of the role genetics plays in some disease processes.
  6. To facilitate CCA cooperation with the projects and programs of the AKC Canine Health Foundation.
  7. G. To raise funds adequate to advance CHRI Committee projects.
  8. H. Encourage breeders to test their breeding stock for potential health issues prior to breeding.